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Luxury event facilities hire for your convenience


What makes your event loos different from other similar luxury loos for hire?

In addition to looking more in-keeping with your event, our loos use a fresh water flush system just like your own bathroom at home. So rather than the chemical recirculating system commonly used in portable loos, which has a very strong odour, our loos are more hygienic and have no chemical smell.

What size hut will we need for our event?

We offer two sizes of luxury event loos, if you are having an event with up to 150 guests we can supply our Sussex loo hut, or for an event with up to 250 guests you would need our Hampshire hut. For larger events we can supply multiple units or the unit can be emptied partway through an event, which is an additional service.

How do we know if we can get one of your huts into our venue?

We will visit your chosen venue to ensure we have the necessary access and that the right location can be agreed before taking your booking.

When and where can the hut be placed at the venue?   

The hut should ideally be placed in advance of your event. The huts require an area of about 6 metres by 3 metres on level and firm ground with a water and 13amp electricity supply within a reasonable distance.

What if we don’t have water and or an electricity supply close by?

We can supply a water tank and pump unit at an additional charge. The huts electricity supply can be run off a generator if you are using one for other services or if one is not available we can supply a suitable generator at an additional charge.

How are the huts delivered?

Your hut will be delivered to site by a 4X4 at an agreed time and date before your event. The hut will be placed in the agreed location and connected by our delivery team, so it is ready to use for your event.

What else comes with the hut?

When the hut is set up by the delivery team it will have quality hand wash and hand towels, together with feminine essentials basket containing a selection of items.

Do you offer a valet service?

We can provide a valet service if requested in advance at an additional charge of £125 for an eight hour period. The valet will keep the loos fresh and restocked if necessary. We would recommend this for larger events.

What if there is a problem during our event?                           

In the unlikely event of a problem we will be available on call during your event to rectify any problems.

If you have a question that is not answered in any of the above FAQs please contact us and we will do our best to provide an answer.